"We connect artists, record labels & music fans like never before. More than 90% of music is still undiscovered. Let's change that together this February 2018."

Meet Traxbeat
Created by specialists in the music industry, Traxbeat is a brand new music platform focused in delivering music according to quality criteria through a unique fair and equal rating process.

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Upload your demos directly to record labels.
Enter a fair music rating competition.
Get the recognition your music deserves.
Earn money from your music.
Get real and true fans.
Improve your brand name locally and globally.
Save money & time from unecessary marketing.

... plus many more that will bring you closer to your dreams, record labels and music fans.

Opens in February 2018


Receive & listen to all your demos fast and easy.
Keep your mailbox clean and safe.
View demos by rating and with enhanced stats.
Access our demo song charts to find the next big acts.
License online.
Increase your sales, reduce your expenses.

... plus many more to save you both time & money.

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Discover new great songs that you will love.
Rate music, Earn prizes.
Explore hundred of quality charts that you, the fans, created.
Be a top fan locally and globally.
Earn money from your playlists.

... plus many more to bring you closer to the music you really like to listen to.

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Hundreds of thousands of songs are never heard. Musicians struggle to survive and get noticed, record labels are unable to handle the enormous amount of demo submissions and fans have limited time and resources to search and listen to good music.

Our aim is not only to bring the right music to the audience but also create a fair music competition.