Jan 2017

How to become a successful musician

- Be the best friend, son or daughter of someone famous
- Have a big budget so you don’t care if you ever get a “real job”
- Pay for Facebook & Twitter followers, Soundcloud plays, Youtube views
- Buy your own songs to get to the top of the sales charts
- Post everyday what you do and be active in your social media like crazy

Obviously you need to write great songs, practice and work hard. And of course you need to daily improve your marketing skills and spend a lot of your energy on that too. 

Success in the music business is not easy nowadays and requires a lot of hard work and careful attention not only to your music. It may take years to become successful and unfortunately you cannot rely only on making great music.

You spend your time, energy and talent to create a new song and it's very logical that you will want to get a payoff for your hard work. This payoff could be more new listeners and fans, a licensing agreement with a record label, some "WOW" blog reviews, an interview on a magazine, a paid live performance and sales. The problem here is that a lot of musicians are not getting anything of these simply because they are not good marketers, they don't have a strong network or music bussiness friends and noone knows them.

Uploading and Sharing, Networking, Marketing, Licensing, Promoting, Selling. This process is time consuming and you may have to repeat it many times and sacrifice many songs until you become successful. Many musicians will quit while in process because they don't make any money.

We created Traxbeat to help musicians be successful according to their music. The only thing you will have to do is to just upload your music to get rated by people who don't know you or your music. We are using specific filters to make listening and rating music reliable and fair. We care about the competition and music quality. A good total song rating will get not only your song to the top of the charts that will be available public but also will improve your Artist ranking, rating and popularity.

Traxbeat is the tool to become succesful if you make great songs, songs that music fans will really love. 

This not only will save your time but it will open you a lot of new opportunities.

Traxbeat is free to use. You can now know , even before releasing a song to public, your song value.

If you are making music, you are a musician, a band, a songwriter then you are in the right place. Subscribe now on https://traxbeat.com to get notified when we go live and get a 30-day free premium trial when you register.

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