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Music is a way of expression, a way of entertainment, a way of life. Music is in us. We listen music to dream, to feel good, to dance, to travel, to love, to chill, to sleep...

We have access to tons of music and this is wonderful but the problem is that we are unable to listen to all and sometimes we come through many songs that we don't like to listen to. Millions of artists, millions of tracks to listen. We actually need around 2000 years to listen to all music, if we assume that we can listen at least 4 hours per day and of course listen a track once in our lifetime. There are artists and bands that we could love and support but we may never be able to discover and listen to them. Our goal is to make them discoverable and bring them closer to the music fans. All together, we can make it happen, help talented artists and create charts with music sense. Traxbeat offers the tools to listen, rate & filter music as well as explore quality music charts.

If you are a DJ, a Music Curator or just a Music Fan, we look forward to see you discovering and supporting the music you truly love. By rating music you can also be a part of the music fan charts and why not make listening to music your new daily job, or even work for the music company of your dreams. Top music fans can also earn great prizes every month and be eligigble for the music fan of the year. Sign Up now to get access to our beta release to rate and discover music that you will love.

Limited seats available

In our beta version, a limited number of music fans will be able to fully test and participate in our music evaluation program and help us develop a quality music chart platform.