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I'm an electronic music artist, sharing some of my tracks for the first time ever. My goal is to produce work that artfully blends vocal synths, arpeggiators, piano/synthesizer, lush chords and emphatic/subtle beats to create an evocative/calming/euphoric ambience that keeps listeners engrossed and guessing as to what comes next. Whenever I sit down to write a track, I always go with the flow, wherever that takes me. I have no predefined plan - I just let my heart, mood and ears guide me. I'm kind of versatile and my music touches on several electronic music subgenres. However, being fundamentally original, my music is not easy to fully categorize. My DAW is PreSonus Studio One Producer and my favourite plugins are Zero-G Ethera ( Clara Sorace ) and Realitone Realivox. My favourite preset is Alien Piano from the Dimension Pro plugin by Cakewalk. Just in case you are wondering about the origins of the name sqEpsilon, it is a play on the Greek word, Skepsis - which means thought. Hence the picture of Rodin's 'The Thinker' in my profile.

All That Glitters (Original Mix)
Released by --
Chill Pop - 98 Bpm - English
Skyline (Original Mix)
Released by --
Melodic House & Techno - 136 Bpm -